Airport Etiquette – or lack thereof…

Over the years I have frequented many airports around the world and while they all look and feel different, one thing is common throughout, certain types of “consumers”, shall I say?

Now I for one like to be organised and reap the benefits of good time management skills by having more time to do other things, by being organised. After a few trips to the rodeo you learn the ropes. But not for everyone.

I was recently in Perth Airport waiting for a flight to Doha then onto Madrid when the call for boarding came over the PA. “We will commence boarding for families with small children and people requiring special assistance. Followed by rows 15-25.” Pretty simple instructions, in fact that’s the norm. So what happens next, as on EVERY single flight these days? The entire flight stand up and gets in line. With only a few kids and no wheelchairs in sight. Surely all 300 odd passengers weren’t sitting in the first 10 rows, piled in 3 to a seat?! I don’t understand what the rush is to be in your seat first, the big bird isn’t going to leave any quicker. I waited around 20 minutes before joining the back of the line where even then people were PUSHING IN to board. One person behind me said it perfectly “we all have a designated seat”.

It’s not like the N11 night bus in Hammersmith on a busy weekend, where you have to be quick to get a seat or risk a 45 minute journey to West London standing up. I can understand why airline staff get frustrated by passengers who simply do not listen.

To those people, some advice, Relax, be patient, and if you really want to board first, take out a priority membership with your chosen airline!

Stampede Airlines – already in an Airport near you.

– Roaming Kangaroo

“Airport etiquette”



3 thoughts on “Airport Etiquette – or lack thereof…

  1. From my flying experience, there are two particular nationalities that are notorious for lousy airport etiquette. Unfortunately these two nationalities make up about 2.7 out of every 7 people on the planet…

  2. 2.7 out of every 7 is about 38%. That’s waaaaayyyy too much…. And it’s only going to get worse as they become more affluent and take more flights :-/

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