5 Types Of Travellers

Over my years of travelling I have been fortunate enough to have met a lot of people from all over the world. I love nothing more than chatting with other nationalities over a cold beer in the Hostel bar, getting to know a little bit more about their country – or what makes their country different to mine. With many different nationalities comes many different types of travellers and here I have delved back – way back – into the back of my brain to fish out some of the more not so memorable types!

1: The “Been there, done that” traveller.

These people seem to think that Travelling is a competition. If you are in conversation with them you might be telling a travel story that might begin with “Last year in Belgium, I saw the Manneken Pis”, for them to come back with, “Oh I’ve already done that/Well when I was in Brazil/If you think that’s bad go to Ethiopia…” You get the point. Travelling is a rite of passage, not a board game where you collect points or try to out do someone else. I love nothing more than hearing a good travel story, but there is a fine line between reminiscing and sounding like a brat. Learn it.

2: The “I’m on a gap year spending my parents’ money” traveller.

Fair play, if you can con your parents into giving you 20k to piss against the wall of bars and clubs all across Europe, for the purposes of “finding yourself”, you are clearly a better liar than me. These types often travel in groups, 18-21s, and insist on speaking really loudly (especially in the 8 bed dorm room you happen to be sharing with them) and using “Like” like about 15 times in each sentence. Like.

3: The “I’m here to take photos of every meal I eat” traveller.

FOODIES. Ugh. What the fuck does the term Foodie even mean? I mean, I love food but I don’t call myself a foodie, or feel the petulant need to photograph EVERY single meal I eat. I KNOW WHAT A HAMBURGER/PIZZA/STEAK LOOKS LIKE! Everyone eats out these days – it’s not exclusive. I’ve met many of these types on my travels but the problem is that they watch a few episodes of Masterchef and seem to think they’re a fully qualified food critic. Bollocks. I happen to love a beer from time to time, or a cider, or even a wine. Should I call myself a “Drinkie”? No. And food eventually becomes shit…believe that.

4: The “I cannot live without my guidebook” traveller.

I relied on guidebooks quite a lot when i first started travelling, but the more you travel, the less you require them. I will use them for a few ideas, but I love to go for long walks when I arrive to a new city, to get my bearings and also suss out any cool places to go. Trust me, you will have so much more fun this way – as opposed to sitting in your dorm room for 2 hours because you cannot decide on the “perfect itinerary”. Get out there and explore!!

5: The “Unprepared” traveller.

When you travel, a certain amount of preparation SHOULD have been undertaken before you’ve left. It’s not too hard to jump on Google and find a city map or figure out how you’re going to get from Suvarnabhumi Airport out to Pattaya, for example. However, nothing says “I’ve had my head buried in the sand for the last 20 years” more than rocking up to Russia and saying to customs “I didn’t know I needed a Visa”. It’s not gonna wash and it might ruin your holiday! A little prep goes a long way!

That said, probably 90% of all the people I’ve met travelling are simply outstanding people who I will remember forever! Like anything in life, it’s always a small percentage giving a situation a bad rep. Thanks for reading and until next time,



5 thoughts on “5 Types Of Travellers

  1. I have found the “Been there done that” mentality is not exclusive to types of travellers and usually corresponds with a sense of insecurity.

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