Favourite Photos #3: Camden Lock Markets


On a sunny day in London there can be few better places to visit than the world famous Camden. Once you get off the Tube you are spoilt for choice as to where you can go or what you can do.

A short stroll down from the Tube is the Camden Lock and it’s Markets. I took this picture from the Lockside Lounge pub – up on the balcony looking down onto the many independent food stalls which really was amazing, taking in all the different smells of all things world cuisine was fantastic. Be it Argentinean steak burgers, Paella, jerk chicken, Asian food or classic staple Fish & chips, you will be covered for food here! And I’m unable to name ALL the stalls as there are that many – and even more in the adjacent Stables markets.

What I enjoy most about this picture is I am overlooking all the stalls watching the punters try and decide what to eat – and trust me – it ain’t easy! Also, off to the right of the picture (out of shot) is the Camden Lock which carries people by boat to and from Regents Park. It’s such a chilled vibe here which makes it ideal for Sunday relaxing with friends or special people.

If you haven’t done so, I highly recommend a trip to Camden, especially in the summer months!



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