A Bus Stop…made entirely out of Lego!

This one time, I was walking down Regent Street in London, when I saw a bus stop made from Lego!

No, it isn’t a bad acid trip. Instead, a quite wonderful creation of the bus stop outside of the famed toy shop Hamley’s.

They have used over 100,000 pieces of Lego for the build, in a tribute to the Tfl’s (Transport for London) Year of the Bus as they commemorate 60 years of the Routemaster buses.

The bus stop is only meant to be a temporary piece, but there is talk of it remaining past it’s July 15 deconstruct date if it doesn’t suffer any damage. And the seat is actually useable. Who knew?!

So get yourself down to Regent Street to view this amazing Lego creation, before it’s too late!


Lego lovers!

Still haven’t worked out the units of measurement for Bricks to minutes…

Amazing detail.


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