2014 Ealing Beer Festival

London in July. Clear blue skies, loooong sunny days and beautiful hues of dark green from the trees mixing with that clear blue skyline makes for a totally different city come this time of year. Vitamin D really helps! So, what things could improve this you ask? A festival? That’s a great start. Add the magic of beer to that festival and you could be onto a real winner!

The 2014 Ealing Beer Festival came and went from the 2-5 July and yours truly managed to jag a day off work on Thursday to strategically place myself in amongst the Festival frivolities down at the lovely Walpole Park in leafy

After purchasing my ticket, beverage program and commemorative glass to drink from, we were greeted to a half full festival grounds, which meant we could snare a table to enjoy what was a perfect sunny day.

My mission for the day was to target any fruit ales/IPAs, and there were loads to choose from. The festival boasts over 300 different Ales, sourced from all over the United Kingdom. I was quite impressed with some of the flavours on offer, it seems a beer with a hint of summer fruits is gaining momentum around the traps, which offers a nice alternative to the standard lagers and bitters in most pubs.

The festival is run by the West Middlesex branch of the CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) and they do a bloody good job too. From the friendly and very knowledgable guys behind the bars, to the food stalls, and the front entrance, everyone makes you feel welcome and it is a good thing. The passion for the beer is evident, just ask for some assistance on which beer you should have next and the bartenders will soon have you raving about this new beer you can’t get enough of!

By late afternoon the park was quite full, and the after work crowd soon followed but due to our prime seats we didn’t have to worry about a thing. It was with great reluctance that we made our way home at the end of a great day at the 25th Ealing Beer Festival!

Well done to the Ealing Beer Festival for reaching 25! I hope there are many more to come! For more information check out http://www.ealingbeerfestival.org.uk


First Beer of the Festival!
Just a few of the hundreds of Barrels available to try.
Glorious sunshine!

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