Emirates Air Line

Advertised as a “unique view of London”, the Emirates Air Line is definitely a novelty way to see some of London’s East end sights whilst scaling heights of up to 90 metres.

Setting off from the Greenwich side.

The cable car type setting allows for panoramic views through the tinted glass of the cars which definitely came in handy on this very sunny day! The travel time is around 10 minutes and the cars travel a total distance of 1 kilometre from the Greenwich Peninaula to the Royal Docks.

Looking East.
At 90 metres high, the Emirates Air Line gives great views from all angles.

Some visible sights include the O2, the ExCel centre, Canary Wharf (Financial district) and off in the distance both the Gherkin and the Olympic Stadium can both be seen. One of the other positives of the EAL is that you can use your Oyster card to travel on it, which gives you a discount making a one way journey around £3.30 – down from the standard £4.40.

The O2 arena, and Canary Wharf in the background.
In the centre you can make out the Olympic Stadium.
Preparing to land at the Royal Docks.
I think we were being followed…

As you can see by the photos the views are brilliant and the Cable cars really give the feeling of insignificance when perched at the very top looking down to the water below.  So if you’re looking for a novel way to take in some of London, take a trip to the Emirates Air Line! For more information visit http://www.emiratesairline.co.uk.

Until next time, thanks for reading.



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