Favourite Photos #6 – Santa Monica Pier & Venice Beach

Southern California. Where it all happens. The city of Los Angeles provides a lot of diversity from affluent suburbs such as Beverly Hills and Santa Monica to touristy Hollywood, across to edgy Venice Beach and not forgetting the South Central area of town. It’s such a wide scope of classes all mashed into one big metropolis. 

I spent most of my time around Venice Beach and Santa Monica and highly recommend this part of town as a base. You have all you need here, good food, bars and pubs, shopping, all with the Pacific Ocean a few minutes away. You’re also well away from all of the tourist traps staying on the coast. Enjoy!


Santa Monica Pier
View of the Pacific Ocean from Santa Monica
Entrance to Venice Beach
Venice by night!
Ferris Wheel on Santa Monica Pier
Bus stops are never boring in LA!
Santa Monica Boulevard
World famous Venice Basketball Courts!
View of Venice Beachfront from Samesun Beach Hostel
Samesun Beach Hostel, Venice Beach



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