Lisbon Street Art

The Portuguese capital of Lisbon offers a great mix of culture, weather, people, food and architecture. What you might be surprised to see included in that list is an amazing collection of Street Art scattered all over the city.

Fish out of water in a Lisbon Car park.
Saw this walking the Alfama area.
Interesting green lady.

Whether it’s graffiti, murals or vivid graphic depictions of Portuguese life, Lisbon is regarded as one of the places to go nowadays for Street Art. What’s most incredible about the art is that there happens to be a Government office for Street Art so not only is it legal here, it’s very much embraced by the city and its people.

Great tribute to Fado, the cultural music of Portugal.
An eclectic fish near Bairro Alto.

There are walking tours that you can get yourself into if Street Art is your thing but if you prefer to explore on your own the most impressive works I came across were in the Bairro Alto and Alfama districts of the city. The area of Belem is also a good place to see more art. It would be wise to remember that Lisbon is set on 7 hills – like Athens and Rome to name a few – so pack some comfy trainers, dem inclines!

Simply amazing!
Another gem from the car park.

So if you’re heading to Lisbon, be on the lookout for this wonderful art. There is something awe inspiring about the historic architecture of centuries past blending in effortlessly with such displays of modernism. Every work tells its own story.



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