Favourite Photos #8 – Sorrento, Italy

Time for a throwback photo to take us all away to somewhere we’d rather be – far far away from the desk or wherever your “office” may be. It is, of course, Favourite Photos.

Sorrento coastline – amazing!

The Amalfi Coast has to be one of the most beautiful and scenic places I’ve visited. This picture was taken in front of the convent of San Francesco overlooking the Piccolo Marina (small harbour) and the Gulf of Naples.

This picture sums up the Amalfi Coast very well as we see massive rocky elevations that don’t stop until they meet the sea and its like this throughout the Amalfi Coast area.

The beast Vesivius is easily visible on a clear day.

Breathtaking views like these are made even more so when you drive on some of the roads that seem like they’ve been carved into the side of those rocky elevations. 

A truly gorgeous part of Italy and indeed, the world. Enjoy with Limoncello! Sorrento “Te amo!”



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