Favourite Photos #10 – Piran, Slovenia

When it comes taking in a great view there are a few musts for me. Water, history, architecture and a scene that encapsulates what a particular place is all about. Favourite Photos is back – this time from Piran in Slovenia. 

Overlooking Piran from its City Walls – no filters needed!

The mostly pedestrianised cobbled lanes of old Venetian Piran make getting around fairly easy so even a rather steep 10 minute hike was quite enjoyable, especially when the old City Walls were waiting with a view like you see above.

Perched high up to spot any invaders approaching from sea.

Providing the best overlooking view of Piran, it’s a great spot to pick out local landmarks such as Tartini Square, the old Lighthouse and the Campanile (Bell tower). Looking further on we have the Adriatic Sea in the background and surrounds which really does make for a fantastic view. 

Italy (distance) and Croatia can be seen from Piran.

An added bonus is that the Walls are completely free to enter, but let’s be honest you can’t put a price on views like this. So if you find yourself in or around Slovenia, get to Piran. Best part – no filters needed!



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