London Transport Museum

Transport. It’s what makes the world go round, getting us from point A to point B, and back again (hopefully)! Today I take a look around the London Transport Museum.


Your chariot awaits!

Located in a corner of the Covent Garden Piazza, the London Transport Museum is very easy to get to, being just a 3 minute walk from Covent Garden Tube station.

Loads of artworks on display too.


When I visited I felt like I was stepping back in time then slowly returning to current time. The London Underground began over 150 years ago so you can imagine just how much things have evolved over the years as you can see in the pictures.

An example of an old carriage.


It’s great that TfL put on this permanent exhibition to give the public an idea of how transport used to look and feel like in London from yesteryear. Every year we hear the same old arguments on rising costs on the network with little or no return, but actually, modernisation in itself is a massive thing as witnessed in the museum.

An old tube carriage, complete with fake people!


The underground is by far one of the most elaborate and extensive public transport systems in the world, to think that the idea to go underground was hatched over 150 years ago really is amazing and the engineers responsible were clearly way ahead of their time.

Memorabilia for days!


The Underground system began in 1863 under the Metropolitan Railway (now Metropolitan Line). Then in 1890 it was joined by a second line, City and South London railway (now part of the Northern Line). Originally lines were all seperate from each other and were companies until the 1930s when they were merged into what we know today as “Transport for London”.

Old school London transport!


Currently there are a whopping 270 stations on the network covering around 400km. There are works underway to add more stations over the coming years. Only 45% of those stations are actually underground, the above ground stations being in the outer London areas.

Stepping back in time!


Entry to the Transport Museum costs £17 for adults but allows 1 year unlimited entry, in case you fancied another look! If you’re looking for something to do in London that you haven’t done before, check it out!



6 thoughts on “London Transport Museum

  1. Great pictures. Can’t believe I still haven’t been to this. Definitely will go now. London has the oldest underground network in the world apparently.

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      2. Thanks mate. Wouldn’t say famous but I would say writing often helps get people on board. We will do that cross promotional piece when your paperback is launched if you’re still keen.

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