Opinion: To Travel or not?

Recent events in France and Turkey have added to what seems like a never ending period of world uncertainty when it comes to terror attacks. 

Travel – a rite of passage for us all.

This uncertainty affects all of us in some way, be it worries about personal security, an upcoming trip that’s taken months or even years of meticulous planning or even having loved ones caught up in some of the chaos. I’m here to pass on a few handy tips in an attempt to take some of the hassle and worry out of your next trip.

Whenever a mindless attack happens like we saw in Nice last week it makes me sad for this world we all share and live in. More so when it’s a place I’ve been to myself and Nice is one of those places. It’s a pristine paradise situated on the Med with gorgeous old buildings, posh hotels, beaches for days, some of the best weather anywhere and amazing local food. These kind of things attract visitors the world over to go and see it, feel it and experience it first hand. As humans we are curious enough to want to explore the earth safely, and deserve to. I’m not here to express an opinion to the perpetrators, except to say we as travellers and explorers shouldn’t allow them to intimidate us or make us think twice about taking that next trip or holiday. 

I think it’s important to show solidarity to these bastards – I’m sure the people tragically taken in any of these terrible attacks would want us to also. I myself have been involved in a few hairy situations during my travels, most relevant to this piece being back in Egypt in August 2013 when the Muslim brotherhood was busy trying to take over the country. Road blocks, army everywhere, night curfews, it wasn’t ideal but I really wanted to see Egypt. It might sound selfish but needs must and all that.

Egytian tank in Cairo, August 2013.
Tank spotting in Cairo, August 2013.

With all of the above said, I’d like to suggest a travel security checklist of sorts that you can utilise to help make things a bit less stressful.

-Register with the “Smart traveller” website. An incredibly detailed website that advises Australians about anything iffy going on anywhere in the world. Check it out here:


-Make a file with detailed copies of all flights, hotel bookings, train/bus bookings, all with accurate dates to leave with family back at home. It’s a good idea to have a paper trail for your loved ones.

-Be vigilant when you’re away. This one sounds simple but I like to be aware of my surroundings at all times. Know where the exits are, be observant when possible.

-Leave copies of your passport with a family member. I know from personal experience, if something does happen and you need to call your Government Department of Foreign Affairs to inquire about a person they WILL ask for a passport number and this will be made much easier to provide! 

-Take note of the Emergency Telephone Number (000,999,911 etc) when visiting multiple countries bearing in mind they can change from country to country.

So there are just a few handy tips to hopefully make your travels a bit lessed stressed for your loved ones. Stay safe out there.



One thought on “Opinion: To Travel or not?

  1. It can be a scary world! You have to travel smart and safe but it doesn’t mean you have to stop! I flew into Cairo a week after the Revolution ended in 2011 and I just remember how delighted and thankful the locals were to see tourists!

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