Favourite Photos #11 -The Monument

In previous articles on the Roamingkangaroo.com, I’ve written about a good London view and now we can add another good view to the list with the historic Monument in London.

The Doric column that is the Monument.
Built to remember the Great Fire of London which took place in 1666, the Monument took 6 years to build when it was completed in 1677. The location of the Monument is significant as it is 62 metres from where the fire started in Pudding Lane and the buildings’ height of 62 metres is another tribute to the fire’s origins.

Looking over to the Shard.
The Monument was partly designed by Christopher Wren who also designed St Paul’s Cathedral. To get to the top of the Monument there are some 311 steps you need to navigate via a small winding staircase. It’s hard work on the legs but with views like you can see here I believe that the climb was well worth it, especially as at the top there is a 360 degree walkway to take in the London skyline.

Tower Bridge and the Thames River!
If you are blessed with good weather the views are even more impressive, icons such as Tower Bridge, the Thames River, the Shard, the London Eye and the financial district in the distance are just some of the landmarks you can see from the top of the Monument. At £3 it is also a cheap sightseeing option and another worthy “Favourite Photos” segment.



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