New kid on the Travel app block will have you hopping to grab a bargain!

In today’s age of modern technology you can do just about anything from your smartphone, including making travel plans without even having to move! Introducing the latest travel booking app – Hopper.

Hopping mad for a bargain!
What sets Hopper apart from other flight booking platforms is that it has collected a massive archive of flight bookings and prices from the recent past to give the customer a prediction on what their particular flight search is going to do. 

If the algorithm says “Wait”, they suggest you watch the flight for price reductions whereas if it says “Buy” they feel that prices won’t get much cheaper than what you currently see them. 

It’s a great addition to their software which goes a long way to standing out from the ever-growing Travel app crowd. For years I have used many other Apps for booking flights but I will most definitely be giving Hopper a serious go in the future!

They also claim a 95% accuracy rate when it comes to the predictions and the best bit is they are an actual Travel agent so human help is available should you need it. 

*I have not been approached by Hopper to write this article.



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