Travel mode you should consider on your next Holiday

When it comes to your next trip away, one thing is usually a sure bet – transport. Depending on where you go, you’ll get local taxis in Asia and Africa, Trains and Buses in Europe and the USA and South America is a whole other world! 

Today I’m writing about a different method of getting around on your next trip but be warned, some fitness is required! It is, the humble bicycle! 

Fresh from watching the Tour de France as I do each year, completely and utterly besotted with the scenery of the French countryside, it got me thinking – how cool would a cycling holiday be? There are many reasons so I’ll continue below. 

Rolling through Vineyards on a perfect summers’ day.
The benefits of cycling are multi faceted. A cycle produces zero emissions, is powered by YOU! (Power!) and is a great workout for your legs, butt and core section.

Cycling can even improve your wellbeing. Studies have shown that after just 20 minutes on the bike your body starts to rid itself of the stress hormone Cortisol, which can prevent deep, regenerative sleep. Then after 40-45 minutes blood flow and oxygen to the brain is boosted which then releases seratonin and endorphins into the blood stream, causing euphoric feelings! You can also go some way to reducing your chance of getting Heart disease from cycling and it’s low impact on your joints which is great too. These are just the physical benefits. 

Down a mountain anyone?!
Getting around on a bike is a great way to see areas in a different, less frenetic way than you would in say, a car or a tour bus. You have more time to appreciate the surroundings and take everything in. Whether you only want to cycle 10-20km per day in France, Spain or Holland or take in longer distances Cycling is a great way to spend part of a holiday whilst getting fit and healthier at the same time!

In an ever changing world the state of the earth’s health is almost always front and centre these days and with good reason. More people equals more pollution of which the Earth struggles to cope with. This is another boost for cycling as it has basically no impact on the environment – just your ever growing quads!

I have particularly enjoyed doing cycle tours of some cities I’ve been to as opposed to walking. Berlin and London are just a few top cycling cities and most major cities will have Cycle Tour Operators in them. 

So there you have it, if you’re thinking of an alternative way to add some excitement to your next holiday, consider the humble bicycle! 



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