Walk over water on the Busselton Jetty!

The South West region of Western Australia is renowned for its wines, gorgeous scenery, world class coastlines and laid back atmosphere. There may be another item I can add to the list that you might not know about. The longest timber plied Jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s the Busselton Jetty.

End of the Jetty.

Situated around 250km south of Perth, Busselton is a gorgeous seaside town that is popular with Perthies as it’s just a few hours away and when down there you really do feel much further away than that. 

A look at the train line along the Jetty.
The Busselton Jetty is an incredible 1.841 km long and is popular with locals and visitors alike. You’ll find people fishing from the designated fishing areas along the Jetty as well as tourists taking the small train all the way out to the end of the Jetty where you can check out an Underwater Observatory of the local Marine life. The Jetty gets its length from the shallow waters of the Geographe Bay that made ship movement restrictive up until the last vessel docked in 1971.

Admiring the Jetty from shore.

To just walk the Jetty will cost $3, the train $13 and the Observatory is around $20. Most of the money goes back into the conservation and maintenance of the Jetty which is good to know. Be sure to take a coat with you as the wind really does whip up when you’re almost 2km out to sea! 

Last year marked the 150th anniversary of the Jetty and here’s to another 150 at least!



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