Favourite Photos #13 – Perth City Skyline

Welcome back to the Roaming Kangaroo for another year! Thank you so much for your great support in 2016! It was a career best year for the blog and I hope to bring more quality insights your way in 2017! I resume with a new “Favourite Photos” segment.

One of my favourite views around would have to be of the city skyline of my home town, Perth. Whenever I catch a glimpse of it, the skyline fills me with pride and happiness that I get to call Perth home.

I can see the city through the trees!
These photos were taken at Lake Monger on a morning cycle and I just love the serenity of the place despite the fact that the Mitchell Freeway roars past some 100 or so metres to the east.

Looking across the water – a great city view.
There is a gazebo built out over the water which as you can see above, gives a great perspective of the big lake with the water gently lapping below with groups of ducks and black swans soaking up the golden sunshine!

So there you have it! When I’m not writing about my travels these are the kinds of places I like to visit on my bike!



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