Lake Bled – A Slovenian Gem

When visiting Slovenia a visit to Lake Bled is an absolute must. If you do go to Slovenia but don’t see Lake Bled, you haven’t been! 

Bled Castle, perched high up above the Lake.

Lake Bled is situated 55km from the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana and can be reached by public bus in around 90 minutes. The town of Bled is very picturesque, surrounded by forest and mountains and can easily be undertaken as a day trip from Ljubljana.

Boats are on hand to take you to Bled Island for a look around.
The lake sits in the Julian Alps and as you can see by the pictures is very beautiful. It’s this beauty that attracts so many tourists and visitors here. The lake is 2.1km long and 1.4km wide, with a maximum depth of almost 30 metres! 
So much serenity!
Lake Bled also has an island called Bled Island which can be visited by boat. Bled Island’s main attraction would be the pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, built near the end of the 17th century in a Baroque style with a 52 m high tower.

At water’s edge.
Slovenians are well known to be very good rowers and have won numerous Olympic medals over the years. With that in mind you won’t be surprised to hear that Lake Bled has hosted 4 previous World Rowing Championships and there is a specialist training centre at the lake for the next generation of Slovenian Rowers. 

Looking across to Bled Island.
The biggest draw card of Lake Bled though would have to be Bled Castle. It’s an extraordinary piece of architecture for a few reasons. Firstly it’s perched up really high on a hilltop precipice overlooking Bled and it was first acknowledged in history way back in the year 1011 and was also owned by the Habsburg Empire in the late 1200s. It includes a Romanesque tower and Renaissance style buildings and is also supposedly the oldest Castle in Slovenia. It is possible to trek up to the castle. 

Looking up to Bled Castle.
So there you have it. Lake Bled really has something for everyone. Gorgeous scenery, history, fun activities and great views!



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