Favourite Photos #15 – Indian Ocean, Perth coast!

Over the last 9 months or so I’ve been bitten by the cycling bug and it’s taken me just about all over town. I can often be found somewhere along the coast on any given day taking in the sea air, amazing ocean views and of course putting in the hard yards on the bike to get to where I’m going that little bit quicker than last time! 

Rest stop at Marmion Beach, Perth Coast.

For those of us that call Perth home and have this magnificent coast line for a playground every day is something to behold. I’ve travelled to many places always thinking beaches and coasts in other countries and continents are better but the actual truth is that Western Australia boasts some of the best beaches and coastline anywhere in the world. 

The Principal Shared Path Network makes getting around a cinch!

I have to say that since I’ve got back into cycling I’ve developed, amongst other things, a new found appreciation for my home town. When you can cycle somewhere you realise that it isn’t that far away! Coupled with the fact that Perth has roughly 300 days of sunshine each year there is no better reason to leave the car at home and get out on two wheels!

Indian Ocean along the Perth coast.
I hope you’ve enjoyed a quick look at some of the Perth coast. If you live near coast yourself, I highly recommended seeing it by bicycle!



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