Travel Must Haves

When travelling around or going on holiday somewhere, chances are you’ll pack a few things to take that make the journey that little bit more bearable. If you’re like me, you enjoy flying anyway and a few gadgety additions will simply make your trip easier. Here are my top items I never leave home without when going away:

1. Noise cancelling headphones. These ones are a no brainer for a few reasons, if you want to drown out any plane noise once you take off, to replace the standard flimsy airline pairs they doll out (just make sure you have the jack adaptor; came standard with my Beats by Dre) and to aid sleeping as earplugs just don’t seem to cut it anymore! 

2. Waterproof camera. I’ve had my Panasonic Lumix for around 7 years and I just love taking it underwater. My personal fave was doing bombs from the roof of the sailing boat in Croatia – camera in hand! Makes for some great memories to look back on and being waterproof means the camera can and will go anywhere with me! 

3. A good backpack. The first trip I ever took was to Europe in 2005 and I had an over the shoulder type bag that I took with me. Whilst I was in Munich the strap broke so I had to buy a replacement. I found a little luggage shop that had a nice Eastpak bag which became my go to bag for the following decade. Comfortable, spacious and durable it has served me well. During my USA jaunt in 2014 I picked up an awesome Swiss Gear back pack which came with 6 separate compartments (1 for a laptop) and reflective tabs for visibility at night as well as a waterproof outer shell to protect whatever is inside! 

4. Luggage Scales. These are a big must for me. In the age of budget airlines where you have to pay for every little add-on – the one area where you can get stung is at the check-in counter. Airport baggage scales are rarely calibrated so after years and years of abuse and neglect the weight readings are often incorrect. This is why I like to weigh my case myself before I leave my accommodation so there are no nasty surprises when I weigh my case at check-in! 

5. Spare SD card. This is a great idea for a few reasons. If you are snap happy like me, one card is never enough. Plus, it’s nice to have a back up just in case something goes wrong. If you have access to iCloud or something similar it’s worth considering doing regular backups to ensure your photos are never lost! 

6. Portable Charging station. Now I like to avoid technology where possible when travelling but there will be times when you need your smartphone/tablet/laptop/music player and find they are dead flat with no power output in sight! A portable charging station alleviates the hassle in providing you with a readily available power supply to keep your devices topped up – just remember to charge IT up! 

So there you have it – a look into my Travel Must Haves. What are some of your favourites? If I’ve missed any that you think are game changers for travel – let me know in the comments section below! Until next time, 


*Note – I have not been paid to write about these products. I actually do own all of them. 😀


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