Favourite Photos #17 – Paris, France

In the recent running of the Tour de France I had quite a few daydreams – as I do every July – during the race of my times in France. The race really does show off France in all its beauty via motorcycle cameras as well as the sweeping helicopter shots which adorn my TV with lust during the southern winter which led me to Favourite Photos #17 – Paris, France! 

Le Arc de Triomphe has 12 streets coming off its roundabout – hectic!
One of the many traditions of the bike race is a final stage finish along the fabled Champs Élysées which sees the riders do 8 laps of a course that is sandwiched by the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc has one of the best views in Paris and is a scene of daily driving madness with some 12 streets coming off its roundabout – you can’t get insurance on it! The hike to the top is hard but ultimately worth it when you look across to the Eiffel Tower uninterrupted.

The Eiffel Tower watching over the grand city of Paris!

Another famous landmark here is the Eiffel Tower. Created and built by Gustav Eiffel back in 1889 it is a symbol of Paris and the views from it are spectacular, stretching out all across the Parisian sprawl. The lift to the viewing platform is quick but you can also take the stairs if you wish! 

Paris, France. Best seen from up high. Embrace a climb, the views will be worth the effort!



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